Online Computer Programming Jobs

Looking for an online computer programming job? You are not alone. The recession is hitting the job markets hard. With unemployment being the highest it’s been in years, jobs are becoming harder to find. Traditionally, jobs in this market have been safe. Our need for programmers has increased regardless of the economy. However according to the Bureau of labor and statistics jobs in computer programming are expected to decline until 2018. Many firms are looking to cut costs and firm up their financial belts while enduring the recession.

Offshore outsourcing is one major way companies are looking to do this. Outsourcing online computer programming jobs to foreign countries with lower wages and highly educated workers is a solution most companies can’t resist. With the recession not over yet, and plenty of overseas low paid, high educated workers to choose from, this trend will likely continue. With the average US programmer making roughly $50,000 a year, and the average overseas programmer averaging one-sixth the average hourly wage, the perceived benefit to the company is great.

Who will get the remaining US jobs? In the United States a job in computer programming usually requires a 2-year degree. However in the current market, applicants with at least a bachelors degree and relevant work experience will be favored. Clearly, jobs in this field are going to be more difficult to find in the future. If you don’t have the time, or budget to go and get the additional education and experience needed to be competitive you may be facing losing your job to outsourcing.

So what can you do? If you are uncertain about your future in an online computer programming job, you may want to look to a new field for creating income. Have you considered using your computer savvy talents and becoming your own boss and having an Internet business? There has never been a better time to become an online entrepreneur. Home-based Internet businesses currently are thriving with an unprecedented amount of earning potential even in the down economy. But with so many options out there how can you choose which one is right for you? Look for key items, such as a comprehensive mentoring program that offers both live and on demand training, a generous compensation package, a business that has a rock solid reputation, and mentors who have a long history of success. With this kind of help you won’t be worried about the recession or being outsourced. Your days of answering to a boss and looking for an online computer programming job will be over. You can learn to leverage the power of the Internet as an Internet marketer, have a successful home-based business, and enjoy the freedom that comes from being your own boss.