How to Beat the Winter Blues by Learning a Computer Programming

How would you like to use the time when you find yourself stuck indoors during the long, cold winter months, as a way to open job possibilities for you in the future, or to just make you some extra money, instead of fighting with the winter blues, you can, by learning a computer programming language for free.

First of all I want to tell you about a few reasons you may wish to learn a programming language:

1. It will allow you to understand how computer programs or software as it’s mostly called, is created.
2. It can greatly open future job hiring potential in the IT field, and other technical fields that require computer programming skills, especial if you decide later on to get an actual degree or certificate from an online college or trade School.
3. You will be able to make your own little computer applications, utilities, games and more, which you can create for fun, or to make money selling them online.

Once you learn one computer programming language, it becomes easier to learn another one, and then even more. Each programming language has unique features and options, and the more of them you learn, the more knowledge and ability you will have to alter the WINDOWS environment, to create more powerful and unique software.

There are lots of different computer programming languages, some have been around for years, and others are fairly new, here are just a few of the many languages; BASIC, C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Assembly,, and tons of others.

You do not have to go to a College or online School to learn a programming language, there are actually lots of free online tutorials and courses. One of the popular computer programming languages that seems to be in high demand for the IT and main software hiring field right now is; Although I don’t recommend you jump head first into trying to master, without becoming familiar with programming languages by learning a basic language first, and there is no better basic language to learn then, BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code).

BASIC is pretty easy to learn and you can actually create some great WINDOWS applications, utilities and even games with it, using some of the many free versions of it that are available for download on the internet. You may wish to try a free version of BASIC, called: ‘ Just BASIC ‘, you can easily find the website for downloading and trying ‘ Just Basic ‘, by searching the internet for it.

Once you become familiar with learning BASIC, and creating a few little games, or other software with it, you then may wish to start learning or another powerful language. The choices for learning computer programming languages are many, and it’s up to you which ones you wish to try to learn, it will give you unlimited hours of learning, and it’s a great way to help beat the winter blues.

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