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The Basis of Computer Programming

A computer program, as we have seen, is a set of instructions that we issue to a computer for it to carry out a task for us. To be able to tell the computer what to do, we need to have the basic idea or steps involved in our mind that would be required to complete our task.

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This brings us to the concept of “logic“, which infact is the base and core of every computer program that you write – however simple or however complex the program might be. The logic, in simple terms could be seen as the “trick” behind the solution of a problem. It is that step(instruction) or set of steps that form the most important part of the program and is the basis of the problem solving.

Consider for example – finding the average of 5 numbers input by a user. What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you think of the solution of this problem? Simple mathematics tells you, we need to add the numbers and divide them by 5. This very step, which forms the core to the solution of this problem is infact the “logic” behind the solution of this task and what our program would be based upon.

When we write a program for the above task, we will

  1. Take the 5 numbers from the user
  2. Add them
  3. Divide them by 5
  4. Give the result back to the user

Out of all these steps, as we can clearly see, the most pertinent steps on which depends our entire output and the action the program performs are 2 & 3 – adding the 5 numbers and dividing them by 5. If we were to change these steps, the whole purpose and behavior of the program would change.

Consider for a moment that we replace steps 2 and 3 by the following:

  1. Take the 5 numbers from the user
  2. Take the first number & store it in a variable “SMALLEST”
  3. Take next number
  4. Compare with “SMALLEST”
  5. If number < “SMALLEST” Then, store this number to “SMALLEST”
  6. Repeat step 3 to 5 for all remaining 4 numbers
  7. Give the result stored in “SMALLEST” back to the user

What do you notice here? The first and last steps are still the same. What we have changed is the core or the “logic” of the program i.e. once the user has input the 5 numbers, we have changed what we do with the numbers! And this change now gives us the smallest number from the 5 numbers input as the result. This thus becomes a program to find the smallest number from a list of given numbers!

Online Computer Programming Degree

A company is considered to be efficient and convenient if they use computer in their departments. This is because it’s the demand of today that the people coming out of the universities having Bachelors degree in Computer Science are the programmers and industries demand such professionals.

This course is now most popular in many areas and demand of programmers is increasing day by day. You can get the programming education from programming schools and also can get it through online education available as offered by many universities or just the institutions.

Jobs is not a problem for a computer programmer because there is a variety of jobs available for them and if they won’t get any job there are variety of specialization courses available for them like Computer Specialist, Data base administrator, Software developer and many others.

If you get your bachelor’s degree from any institution and have a budget available for getting post doctorate or doctorate education, you can get it through online web. But during this phase you should considered to be yourself in comparison to the others.

There are many advantages of acquiring online Computer programming degree. As like other universities one won’t need to travel to his university for getting it. Wherever he is sitting he can get it right away.

This facility is only available to the students who have internet at their home so that he can access the online programs and his teacher online teaches him and provide him with the projects.

Just take care of illegal institutions that are offering such programs but they are not recognized institutions. This can effect your education because if you want to get on campus education after online education or companies offered you the jobs they would refer to the aggregated universities students.

The Art of Computer Programming

When it comes to programming, then one statement attributed to Confucius will always remain true – I do and I understand. While sitting in a classroom and learning the ideal way to program is obviously helpful, reading about computer programming concepts and trying out the real thing are 2 different ways of doing the same thing. What do you do then to quickly get yourself up and running to working with code?

The web is filled with clutter and some of this clutter are code snippets. While this may seem to be a bad idea, especially with all the wrong snippets of code lying all over the web, but immersing yourself into this world will give you plenty of ideas on how to solve programming challenges and get you up and running on some of the major programming languages, the common being JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the easiest languages to learn and the net is filled with client-side web scripts that can be accessed by simply accessing any web page, right-clicking and selecting “view source code”. Check out ways that other programmers have used to resolve a particular programming challenge or how to do a certain task.

Soliciting feedback from people who already have more knowledge about a computer programming language will also go a long way in helping you think along fresh lines or think about old ideas in new ways. How though, do you solicit for feedback? One way is to join a strong helpful community. These communities are all over the web. One good community is the Ruby-talk mailing list for Ruby language developers. Here you get to learn the culture, best practices for a particular language and you get to have your questions answered by experts.

Another way is to pair with another programmer and learn the ropes. This is fashionable practice that has gained respect through the rise of the agile development computer programming methodology where 2 people get to work together on a project. The potential value of pair programming is indisputably superior when compared to programming on your own.

Computer programming also requires following predefined steps if you are to avoid typing time-consuming and tedious code that will not do what it’s supposed to do. Programmers start by prototyping their programs. This involves creating the program interface with all the windows, dialog boxes and pull-down menus without adding action to them. The next step involves choosing a programming language that will be easiest to write the program. The last step is to create mock-up instructions known as pseudocode that describe exactly how the program will work. Pseudocode is thus a valuable tool that you can use to outline the structure of your program and spot flaws in your logic. Now you are ready to get down to writing code and seeing it work.

Things To Do If The Insurance Company Uses A Computer Program

In an insurance claim after an accident, if the insurance company is using a computer program to come up with settlement offer, there are some things you can do to help get a better offer.

1. Ask the adjuster how they are coming up with their numbers- specifically if they are using a computer program. (Many companies use “Colossus”).

2. Make sure your doctors document your symptoms. This can be tough because you don’t control what the doctor writes. However, consider bringing a list of symptoms or problems with you to your doctor appointment. The insurance adjuster inputs this information into the computer program.

3. Tell your doctor any activities (often referred to as “activities of daily living” or “ADLs”) that have been affected since your accident. Again, consider bringing a list to your appointment. These are important because the computer program used by the insurance company will give you ‘points’ or value for activities affected.

4. Resist the temptation to give the other person’s insurance company a medical authorization. It’s more work for you, but you should get your own medical records. When you submit them to the adjuster, highlight all of the symptoms, ADLs and other references you believe are important. Remember, the computer program is only as good as what the adjuster inputs into it. Highlighting will increase your odds.

5. Hire a lawyer. Most computer programs, and the insurance companies in general, value the case higher if you have a lawyer – because they know you are more likely to get a higher result (without a lawyer, you are not a threat to file a lawsuit, which increases their exposure).

6. If you have received an offer, consider submitting additional information along with a request that the adjuster run a re-evaluation.

7. If you have aggravated a previous condition in the accident, discuss that with your doctor. First, it’s being honest, which you should do anyway. Second, the insurance company will likely do what’s called a claims index search anyway to look for previous accidents. Third, and most important, computer programs such as Colossus actually give you ‘points’ for aggravation of a condition.

8. Make sure, whether you are submitting your own records or not, that the insurance adjuster has the billing records for your treating medical providers. In most states, including Pennsylvania, these are called HCFA 1500 forms. They are important because they contain the diagnostic billing code used by the doctor or medical provider and the computer program gives points for those.

How to Beat the Winter Blues by Learning a Computer Programming

How would you like to use the time when you find yourself stuck indoors during the long, cold winter months, as a way to open job possibilities for you in the future, or to just make you some extra money, instead of fighting with the winter blues, you can, by learning a computer programming language for free.

First of all I want to tell you about a few reasons you may wish to learn a programming language:

1. It will allow you to understand how computer programs or software as it’s mostly called, is created.
2. It can greatly open future job hiring potential in the IT field, and other technical fields that require computer programming skills, especial if you decide later on to get an actual degree or certificate from an online college or trade School.
3. You will be able to make your own little computer applications, utilities, games and more, which you can create for fun, or to make money selling them online.

Once you learn one computer programming language, it becomes easier to learn another one, and then even more. Each programming language has unique features and options, and the more of them you learn, the more knowledge and ability you will have to alter the WINDOWS environment, to create more powerful and unique software.

There are lots of different computer programming languages, some have been around for years, and others are fairly new, here are just a few of the many languages; BASIC, C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Assembly,, and tons of others.

You do not have to go to a College or online School to learn a programming language, there are actually lots of free online tutorials and courses. One of the popular computer programming languages that seems to be in high demand for the IT and main software hiring field right now is; Although I don’t recommend you jump head first into trying to master, without becoming familiar with programming languages by learning a basic language first, and there is no better basic language to learn then, BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code).

BASIC is pretty easy to learn and you can actually create some great WINDOWS applications, utilities and even games with it, using some of the many free versions of it that are available for download on the internet. You may wish to try a free version of BASIC, called: ‘ Just BASIC ‘, you can easily find the website for downloading and trying ‘ Just Basic ‘, by searching the internet for it.

Once you become familiar with learning BASIC, and creating a few little games, or other software with it, you then may wish to start learning or another powerful language. The choices for learning computer programming languages are many, and it’s up to you which ones you wish to try to learn, it will give you unlimited hours of learning, and it’s a great way to help beat the winter blues.

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Online Computer Programming Jobs

Looking for an online computer programming job? You are not alone. The recession is hitting the job markets hard. With unemployment being the highest it’s been in years, jobs are becoming harder to find. Traditionally, jobs in this market have been safe. Our need for programmers has increased regardless of the economy. However according to the Bureau of labor and statistics jobs in computer programming are expected to decline until 2018. Many firms are looking to cut costs and firm up their financial belts while enduring the recession.

Offshore outsourcing is one major way companies are looking to do this. Outsourcing online computer programming jobs to foreign countries with lower wages and highly educated workers is a solution most companies can’t resist. With the recession not over yet, and plenty of overseas low paid, high educated workers to choose from, this trend will likely continue. With the average US programmer making roughly $50,000 a year, and the average overseas programmer averaging one-sixth the average hourly wage, the perceived benefit to the company is great.

Who will get the remaining US jobs? In the United States a job in computer programming usually requires a 2-year degree. However in the current market, applicants with at least a bachelors degree and relevant work experience will be favored. Clearly, jobs in this field are going to be more difficult to find in the future. If you don’t have the time, or budget to go and get the additional education and experience needed to be competitive you may be facing losing your job to outsourcing.

So what can you do? If you are uncertain about your future in an online computer programming job, you may want to look to a new field for creating income. Have you considered using your computer savvy talents and becoming your own boss and having an Internet business? There has never been a better time to become an online entrepreneur. Home-based Internet businesses currently are thriving with an unprecedented amount of earning potential even in the down economy. But with so many options out there how can you choose which one is right for you? Look for key items, such as a comprehensive mentoring program that offers both live and on demand training, a generous compensation package, a business that has a rock solid reputation, and mentors who have a long history of success. With this kind of help you won’t be worried about the recession or being outsourced. Your days of answering to a boss and looking for an online computer programming job will be over. You can learn to leverage the power of the Internet as an Internet marketer, have a successful home-based business, and enjoy the freedom that comes from being your own boss.

Computer Programming and Robotics

Is your teenager the kind who loves tinkering with gadgets, trying to figure what makes them tick? Is he/she a whiz at math and science and dreams of becoming an engineer or scientist? It’s time to think enrolling in a about robotics camp and/or programming camp.

What will computer science camps teach my child?

Robotics camps are all about designing, building and programming robots, and testing them through a series of design challenges. Your child learns about technical stuff such as locomotion, gear ratios and energy during the process of robot construction.

Highly qualified counselors guide your child through problem-solving, research and basic – advanced engineering concepts. Campers are introduced to the latest concepts in computing technologies and engineering design through web programming, Alice programming, component-based robot construction and robotics programming.

Most computer science camps assign a full blown project to individual campers, which they get to take home. The robots designed and built by campers are demonstrated in a competition held at the end of the camp.

Why are computer science camps good for my child?

These are highly popular summer programs, designed to capture and harness your child’s curiosity and give it a definite direction. Your child gets answers to most of his questions and discovers the possibilities of the scientific world. Robotics and programming courses are ideal for teenagers who wish to master mechanical and programming concepts.

Your child experiences the magic and excitement of robotics camps through collaborative team sessions along with like-minded peers. Budding engineers and scientists learn to think critically about the world around them and to work collaboratively with others.

Will my child enjoy robotics camp?

Most kids enjoy the experience. However, a basic interest in science, math, computer programming and problem-solving always comes in handy. Most computer science camps are designed for students entering grades 7 to 9.

While prior experience in robotics or programming is not necessary, students attending programming courses need to be computer literate and have a passion for scientific knowledge. Students without a background in robotics and programming are generally separated from those who have already been introduced to it.

The robotics competition that is usually held on the last day of camp also has different leagues for students, depending on their skill levels.

Computer science camp is where engineering and creativity come together in the minds of young learners. Let your child experience the wonder this summer.

The Importance Of Good Computer Programs

The structure of companies has changed with the development of computer software. Not only multinational companies are using computer software nowadays, but also small companies. Computer software has to be differentiated from computer hardware. Both are computer components. The difference is, that the hardware is the physical part (what you can see from outside) and software the actual programs.

Computer software is essential for running a business. Programs like an office package are a must for every company, since this is an easy method of collaboration between companies, but also in the company itself. For quick messages or for conference calls, instant messengers can be used. Long distance phone calls can also be managed cost effectively – with the help of voice over IP programs. Other essential software features include programs that enhance quick sending of large files over the internet. There are also ways of saving emails on the computer, not only in the email program itself. Computer programs are made to run smoothly, so that companies can concentrate on the real business.

If businesses do not want to invest so much in software that uses up memory, there are lots of programs that are web- based and thus do not have to be installed on the computer. This saves maintenance costs and can be more easily accessed by employees. Most businesses rely on desktop software, but there is a tendency in transferring information on web servers. The reasons for this slower evolution are the security concerns. There are still companies fearing that sensitive data can get into the wrong hands. Thus, IT companies have been working on higher security standards. Meanwhile, it is possible for companies to use web- based services. Maintenance of these web- based services can be guaranteed either by in- house staff or by collaboration with an IT company or with freelancers.

An option that is web- based and includes more services can be a project management system. See in the following how the web based project management systems focus on tools and services that make it easier for you to manage projects: A web – based management system centralizes options like databases, time and budget management, templates and so on. This way, basic programs can be accessed from one point: over project management systems. These options can save time, which is important for businesses. Larger amounts of information can be spread more easily among employees. Keeping track of the progress of the files is also no problem. All in all, computer programs are essential tools in an office.

Learn Computer Programming

If you have a job where you sit behind a computer a good bit of the time, you could probably make your life a whole lot easier if you would learn computer programming. I’m not saying you have to turn into some kind of computer genius, of course, but if you were to learn how to write a few little programs that would do some of the more mundane tasks for you with just the click of a button, you could free up loads of time for other stuff.

See if this sounds familiar; I have a friend that works in purchasing at a pretty successful company. Every day he has to take a spreadsheet from the previous day and compare it to another spreadsheet for the current day to determine what ordered parts have come in. He got pretty industrious and even got two computer monitors set up on his desk so that he could look at both of them and compare them side by side. But that’s where the technology ends. He then takes a notepad and a pen and starts scanning the worksheet and writing stuff down. It usually takes him about 2 hours to do this. Everyday! Imagine how many mistakes he must make! Especially when you are writing down complex part numbers and quantities, and then people keep coming in and interrupting to ask a question. I can’t imagine my first two hours of everyday being that mind numbing and stressful.

What my buddy does not understand is, the spreadsheet program his company uses is the most widely used program out there. In fact, the company that makes his spreadsheet program also makes the email software he uses, the database software that they use to track the warehouse inventory, and even the word processing program they use for correspondence! Heck, they even make the software that they use to do presentations to customers! I’m not going to name this software company, but unless you have been living in a soft little micro cave for last 30 years, I’m pretty sure you can figure it out. Well, this software company did a pretty handy little thing when they built their package of software to sell to the masses. They incorporated a handy little tool with it that allows any every day Joe or Joann to write programs to manipulate their software in even more ways than what they released. Shoot, they made it so versatile that you can write a program in it to do just about anything on your computer and the only way you would know it was a spreadsheet (or email, or database, etc.) program is by the icon you have to click to get it running. That is cool.

But not only is it cool, it is powerful! If my buddy were to spend a little time learning and familiarizing himself with this tool, he could easily (and I do mean easily), write a program that he could use so that when he gets to work, he could open a blank spreadsheet, click a button, and literally seconds later have today’s spreadsheet compare itself with yesterday’s spreadsheet and list out a detailed report on what had been received. There is two whole hours out of his day that he just reclaimed! His boss has no idea what he has done, so what can he do with that quarter of a workday he just gained back? Maybe write another program to make some other aspect of his job easier? Or add-on to his existing program so that it automatically emails the report to his boss? Remember, the same software company made the email program so it all works together by design.

Properties Of A Good Computer

A program can be termed as a set of instructions that help in running things. For a computer to perform certain required tasks, it requires an appropriate program. When correct instructions are fed to the computer, then its performance will at most times be at optimum, whereas the opposite is likely to mess things up.

Today many businesses require computers to ensure smooth running of business. Therefore, the computers should have programs that are user friendly and easy to understand. A few things will tell if a program is good enough.

Is it readable

If the program is in writing that makes it easy for a user to understand and follow the logic, then it can be termed as good. It should also have a systematic arrangement that will make it easier to troubleshoot the computer if anything goes wrong.


Your program should save you time. For you to process instructions you will need time and will certainly use up some memory. A good programming is that which works with less processing time and a small amount of memory. This proves efficient as you realize less waste.


A good program should be able to accommodate different platforms, without having to make major changes to coding and software. It is common phenomenon today to see different platform changes.

Therefore, having a portable program will not be affected if the user decides to change the operating system. When good computer programming is done, your system is able to handle modification, which happens due to many reasons like change of administration.

It should only have simple codes that facilitate different amendments needed over time.

Proper structure

For a program to be developed, the major tasks that are required to run the different systems should be broken down. A developer can also develop them independently in order to accomplish the job assigned to them without having to rely on other subtasks.

Proper documentation

Every program has to have good documentation especially if the author will not be around for long. This is so that the other person handling it will find it easy to comprehend.