The Basis of Computer Programming

A computer program, as we have seen, is a set of instructions that we issue to a computer for it to carry out a task for us. To be able to tell the computer what to do, we need to have the basic idea or steps involved in our mind that would be required to complete our task.

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This brings us to the concept of “logic“, which infact is the base and core of every computer program that you write – however simple or however complex the program might be. The logic, in simple terms could be seen as the “trick” behind the solution of a problem. It is that step(instruction) or set of steps that form the most important part of the program and is the basis of the problem solving.

Consider for example – finding the average of 5 numbers input by a user. What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you think of the solution of this problem? Simple mathematics tells you, we need to add the numbers and divide them by 5. This very step, which forms the core to the solution of this problem is infact the “logic” behind the solution of this task and what our program would be based upon.

When we write a program for the above task, we will

  1. Take the 5 numbers from the user
  2. Add them
  3. Divide them by 5
  4. Give the result back to the user

Out of all these steps, as we can clearly see, the most pertinent steps on which depends our entire output and the action the program performs are 2 & 3 – adding the 5 numbers and dividing them by 5. If we were to change these steps, the whole purpose and behavior of the program would change.

Consider for a moment that we replace steps 2 and 3 by the following:

  1. Take the 5 numbers from the user
  2. Take the first number & store it in a variable “SMALLEST”
  3. Take next number
  4. Compare with “SMALLEST”
  5. If number < “SMALLEST” Then, store this number to “SMALLEST”
  6. Repeat step 3 to 5 for all remaining 4 numbers
  7. Give the result stored in “SMALLEST” back to the user

What do you notice here? The first and last steps are still the same. What we have changed is the core or the “logic” of the program i.e. once the user has input the 5 numbers, we have changed what we do with the numbers! And this change now gives us the smallest number from the 5 numbers input as the result. This thus becomes a program to find the smallest number from a list of given numbers!

Online Computer Programming Degree

A company is considered to be efficient and convenient if they use computer in their departments. This is because it’s the demand of today that the people coming out of the universities having Bachelors degree in Computer Science are the programmers and industries demand such professionals.

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If you get your bachelor’s degree from any institution and have a budget available for getting post doctorate or doctorate education, you can get it through online web. But during this phase you should considered to be yourself in comparison to the others.

There are many advantages of acquiring online Computer programming degree. As like other universities one won’t need to travel to his university for getting it. Wherever he is sitting he can get it right away.

This facility is only available to the students who have internet at their home so that he can access the online programs and his teacher online teaches him and provide him with the projects.

Just take care of illegal institutions that are offering such programs but they are not recognized institutions. This can effect your education because if you want to get on campus education after online education or companies offered you the jobs they would refer to the aggregated universities students.

The Art of Computer Programming

When it comes to programming, then one statement attributed to Confucius will always remain true – I do and I understand. While sitting in a classroom and learning the ideal way to program is obviously helpful, reading about computer programming concepts and trying out the real thing are 2 different ways of doing the same thing. What do you do then to quickly get yourself up and running to working with code?

The web is filled with clutter and some of this clutter are code snippets. While this may seem to be a bad idea, especially with all the wrong snippets of code lying all over the web, but immersing yourself into this world will give you plenty of ideas on how to solve programming challenges and get you up and running on some of the major programming languages, the common being JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the easiest languages to learn and the net is filled with client-side web scripts that can be accessed by simply accessing any web page, right-clicking and selecting “view source code”. Check out ways that other programmers have used to resolve a particular programming challenge or how to do a certain task.

Soliciting feedback from people who already have more knowledge about a computer programming language will also go a long way in helping you think along fresh lines or think about old ideas in new ways. How though, do you solicit for feedback? One way is to join a strong helpful community. These communities are all over the web. One good community is the Ruby-talk mailing list for Ruby language developers. Here you get to learn the culture, best practices for a particular language and you get to have your questions answered by experts.

Another way is to pair with another programmer and learn the ropes. This is fashionable practice that has gained respect through the rise of the agile development computer programming methodology where 2 people get to work together on a project. The potential value of pair programming is indisputably superior when compared to programming on your own.

Computer programming also requires following predefined steps if you are to avoid typing time-consuming and tedious code that will not do what it’s supposed to do. Programmers start by prototyping their programs. This involves creating the program interface with all the windows, dialog boxes and pull-down menus without adding action to them. The next step involves choosing a programming language that will be easiest to write the program. The last step is to create mock-up instructions known as pseudocode that describe exactly how the program will work. Pseudocode is thus a valuable tool that you can use to outline the structure of your program and spot flaws in your logic. Now you are ready to get down to writing code and seeing it work.

Things To Do If The Insurance Company Uses A Computer Program

In an insurance claim after an accident, if the insurance company is using a computer program to come up with settlement offer, there are some things you can do to help get a better offer.

1. Ask the adjuster how they are coming up with their numbers- specifically if they are using a computer program. (Many companies use “Colossus”).

2. Make sure your doctors document your symptoms. This can be tough because you don’t control what the doctor writes. However, consider bringing a list of symptoms or problems with you to your doctor appointment. The insurance adjuster inputs this information into the computer program.

3. Tell your doctor any activities (often referred to as “activities of daily living” or “ADLs”) that have been affected since your accident. Again, consider bringing a list to your appointment. These are important because the computer program used by the insurance company will give you ‘points’ or value for activities affected.

4. Resist the temptation to give the other person’s insurance company a medical authorization. It’s more work for you, but you should get your own medical records. When you submit them to the adjuster, highlight all of the symptoms, ADLs and other references you believe are important. Remember, the computer program is only as good as what the adjuster inputs into it. Highlighting will increase your odds.

5. Hire a lawyer. Most computer programs, and the insurance companies in general, value the case higher if you have a lawyer – because they know you are more likely to get a higher result (without a lawyer, you are not a threat to file a lawsuit, which increases their exposure).

6. If you have received an offer, consider submitting additional information along with a request that the adjuster run a re-evaluation.

7. If you have aggravated a previous condition in the accident, discuss that with your doctor. First, it’s being honest, which you should do anyway. Second, the insurance company will likely do what’s called a claims index search anyway to look for previous accidents. Third, and most important, computer programs such as Colossus actually give you ‘points’ for aggravation of a condition.

8. Make sure, whether you are submitting your own records or not, that the insurance adjuster has the billing records for your treating medical providers. In most states, including Pennsylvania, these are called HCFA 1500 forms. They are important because they contain the diagnostic billing code used by the doctor or medical provider and the computer program gives points for those.