Learn Computer Programming

If you have a job where you sit behind a computer a good bit of the time, you could probably make your life a whole lot easier if you would learn computer programming. I’m not saying you have to turn into some kind of computer genius, of course, but if you were to learn how to write a few little programs that would do some of the more mundane tasks for you with just the click of a button, you could free up loads of time for other stuff.

See if this sounds familiar; I have a friend that works in purchasing at a pretty successful company. Every day he has to take a spreadsheet from the previous day and compare it to another spreadsheet for the current day to determine what ordered parts have come in. He got pretty industrious and even got two computer monitors set up on his desk so that he could look at both of them and compare them side by side. But that’s where the technology ends. He then takes a notepad and a pen and starts scanning the worksheet and writing stuff down. It usually takes him about 2 hours to do this. Everyday! Imagine how many mistakes he must make! Especially when you are writing down complex part numbers and quantities, and then people keep coming in and interrupting to ask a question. I can’t imagine my first two hours of everyday being that mind numbing and stressful.

What my buddy does not understand is, the spreadsheet program his company uses is the most widely used program out there. In fact, the company that makes his spreadsheet program also makes the email software he uses, the database software that they use to track the warehouse inventory, and even the word processing program they use for correspondence! Heck, they even make the software that they use to do presentations to customers! I’m not going to name this software company, but unless you have been living in a soft little micro cave for last 30 years, I’m pretty sure you can figure it out. Well, this software company did a pretty handy little thing when they built their package of software to sell to the masses. They incorporated a handy little tool with it that allows any every day Joe or Joann to write programs to manipulate their software in even more ways than what they released. Shoot, they made it so versatile that you can write a program in it to do just about anything on your computer and the only way you would know it was a spreadsheet (or email, or database, etc.) program is by the icon you have to click to get it running. That is cool.

But not only is it cool, it is powerful! If my buddy were to spend a little time learning and familiarizing himself with this tool, he could easily (and I do mean easily), write a program that he could use so that when he gets to work, he could open a blank spreadsheet, click a button, and literally seconds later have today’s spreadsheet compare itself with yesterday’s spreadsheet and list out a detailed report on what had been received. There is two whole hours out of his day that he just reclaimed! His boss has no idea what he has done, so what can he do with that quarter of a workday he just gained back? Maybe write another program to make some other aspect of his job easier? Or add-on to his existing program so that it automatically emails the report to his boss? Remember, the same software company made the email program so it all works together by design.

Properties Of A Good Computer

A program can be termed as a set of instructions that help in running things. For a computer to perform certain required tasks, it requires an appropriate program. When correct instructions are fed to the computer, then its performance will at most times be at optimum, whereas the opposite is likely to mess things up.

Today many businesses require computers to ensure smooth running of business. Therefore, the computers should have programs that are user friendly and easy to understand. A few things will tell if a program is good enough.

Is it readable

If the program is in writing that makes it easy for a user to understand and follow the logic, then it can be termed as good. It should also have a systematic arrangement that will make it easier to troubleshoot the computer if anything goes wrong.


Your program should save you time. For you to process instructions you will need time and will certainly use up some memory. A good programming is that which works with less processing time and a small amount of memory. This proves efficient as you realize less waste.


A good program should be able to accommodate different platforms, without having to make major changes to coding and software. It is common phenomenon today to see different platform changes.

Therefore, having a portable program will not be affected if the user decides to change the operating system. When good computer programming is done, your system is able to handle modification, which happens due to many reasons like change of administration.

It should only have simple codes that facilitate different amendments needed over time.

Proper structure

For a program to be developed, the major tasks that are required to run the different systems should be broken down. A developer can also develop them independently in order to accomplish the job assigned to them without having to rely on other subtasks.

Proper documentation

Every program has to have good documentation especially if the author will not be around for long. This is so that the other person handling it will find it easy to comprehend.

Starting a Career in Computer

Even though you have many options that are open to you when it comes to choosing a career, you would do well to choose one that is based on computer technology. After all, it seems as if everybody is using a computer nowadays and that is a trend that is not likely to change anytime in the near future. One of the options that you have available to you is a computer programming career. This is something that is going to help to provide for you and your family and it will be likely that you will find a job in almost any area where you happen to be living.

“Computer programming degree”

One of the first things that you’re going to need to consider is the type of education that you are getting when you want to become a computer programmer. There are many specialized colleges that will help you to get the education that you need. You can also take the courses that you need at a major university and at times, you may even be able to use your local community college. Simply log on to the Internet and do a college search by major in order to see what is available that will work well for you and your particular circumstances.

You should also consider the type of programming that you are doing. There are many common types of computer programming, such as Java and C++. There are also some computer platforms that are available which are more specialized. For example, you can learn how to program for the Linux operating system and this can assist you in finding a job when others may be more difficult to find. Of course, you are putting a lot on the line when choosing a single operating system or even a single programming language. It is better if you try to diversify if at all possible so that you will be more likely to remain in the field for the long term.

As far as the salary is concerned, this is something that is going to vary from one area to another. It is also going to be different, depending on the company that you are working for and the type of programming that you are doing. Typically speaking, a computer programmer can earn anywhere from $50,000 up to $100,000 per year or more. If you are able to get a degree in computer programming, you can continue to move up the ladder and earn additional money.

Computer programming does not need to be a career that is stagnant. With a 2 year degree or even a certificate, you will be able to get into the field and begin working without too much difficulty. You can then work on the experience you have available or you can continue to get additional education in your spare time which will help you to move up in the company. There are always going to be positions available for computer programmers. Make sure that you make the most of this career.

Why My Sales Manager is a Computer

Perfection is a challenge for any human to accomplish and fortunately I don’t have to rely on a human to manage my sales contacts. When I compare what a human requires, it becomes easy to understand why a computer program is so attractive. The computer doesn’t take breaks or go on vacation. It is rare for a computer program to forget anything as long as there is power in the lines, there is action.

The computer will replace a salesman’s best friend when it is programmed to perform the duties a salesperson doesn’t like to do. In my case, the program reminds me of every contact or communication I need to make and it makes many of them for me. If I forget to make a call or overlook one, it reminds me that I need to take action. When I used to do this with a paper method, it would take hours to perform what now takes minutes and I have more time for additional sales calls.

The Sales Manager Replacement

Now that my sales manager is a computer, I don’t mind the gentle reminders that come with the program. The contact reports I generate are filled with details of all my calls and I can track what has occurred in all my accounts. The computer program actually completes these tasks for me. Yes, I hate to fill out most contact reports, I’m human aren’t I? In reality, I am the one that is controlling the situation; the computer simply does what I have programmed it to perform.

The sales manager replacement only happens when I forget something. Best of all, I never have to attend those long meetings where they ask me what I did. The sales contact reports list all my activities and it has made my life easy. Management is thrilled with the higher level of contact I am making now that I have empowered the computer to perform many of my tasks. It is like doing the work of three or four salespeople instead of struggling to do my job.

Why This Isn’t Crazy!

If you are thinking, this is crazy; no computer program can do this. You are wrong! Think of it this way, every sale follows a path or an action plan that leads to sales. When a company can program these events and automate them for salespeople, the sales process is automated. The trick is to work with a consultant that specializes in automating the sales process.

Typically, the consulting firm will analyze the business and determine what the typical sales actions are. These will be applied to a sales process and the events will be triggered so they are automated for maximum effectiveness. The salesperson will actually be removed from many of the time consuming activities that are performed by the computer. In many cases the computer program can eliminate as much as 90 percent of the time wasted activities the salesperson would normally attempt.

The automation of the sales process will increase the sales activities and this will lead to increased sales. The computer can be programmed to perform human tasks that are ritual in nature but are required to build relationships. If you aren’t sure if your sales program can be automated look at your typical day, is it filled with similar activities? The answer is probably, yes! These routine activities are the activities that can free a salesperson to accomplish more. In many cases a salesperson will be able to perform the job of several salespeople and in other cases; a business owner might discover that a salespersons role can be accomplished by a good Customer Service Representative (CSR) who enjoys working with computers. The secret to success is building the sales process and the action plans for the computer.