Protection of Computer Programs

A number of important issues that should be addressed in modern copyright laws are analyzed below in the light of the prevailing international trends. It is a clear trend today that national laws expressly include computer programs as protected works of a kind and thus there is no doubt that copyright protection applies to such programs, provided that they are original. Not all national laws define programs and some of the definitions differ in their wording, but a fairly generally applicable definition would be “a ‘computer program’ is a set of instructions expressed in words, codes, schemes or in any other form. This definition reflects all the essential elements of the notion of computer programs.

The implication of this categorization of computer programs as literary works (writings), depends on other related provisions of the respective laws and on the practice adopted in successive court decisions. It should be kept in mind that this categorization of programs indicates that the level of originality required as a prerequisite for protection should not be different from that required for other writings. The protection of programs as writings entails, furthermore, that the rights pertaining to copyright protection also apply to such programs. The right of reproduction, the right of distribution of copies and the right of communication to the public should be appropriate.

The most important issue concerning the right of reproduction in copyright laws is the question of in which cases it is justified to authorize reproduction without the authorization of the right-owner. The international norm which is applicable is Article 9(2) of the Berne Convention.

National laws may permit reproduction of literary and artistic works in certain special cases, provided that such reproduction does not disagreement with a normal exploitation of the work and does not unfairly prejudice the legitimate interests of the author.

It is obvious that copying should be allowed if it is indispensable for the use of a program in conjunction with a machine for the purpose and to the extent of use for which the program has been lawfully obtained. It also seems justified to allow making a “back-up copy” for archival purposes for cases where the replacement of the program may become necessary.

Can I Learn Computer Programming

Computer without any software application is worse than a dumb human baby. This is because; software acts as a knowledge base and teaches your PC how to solve a given problem. Solving problem in computer is nothing but to process the data it receives to get some useful information as output. The process of teaching computer how to process data to solve a given problem is called computer programming. But can anybody learn computer programming?

This question is important as many people try to learn programming not because it’s interesting, but mainly because they want to earn money by developing and selling a software application. However, even after reading lot of books and online tutorials, some of them feel that they still cannot develop any new application. They feel that they simply wasted time in learning computer programming.

People, who are thinking of learning computer programming to make money, should first understand that, computer programming is not something that could be learnt in few days or months. Understand that, books can only teach you a programming language but that does not mean you will be able to solve complex problems. In other words, books won’t teach you how to develop a new application. Only experience can teach you that. To develop computer applications, you need to have a logical mindset and sometimes it takes more than two years of continuous efforts to develop that kind of mindset and gain confidence.

If you are thinking of learning computer programming because you find it interesting, then you can simply go ahead and learn it without worrying about the time it might take. However, if you are planning to learn it for developing and selling your own application, then you do not have to learn programming for that. You can hire any freelance developer to develop an application for you. You simply need to worry about marketing and selling it.

There is no method to know if one can learn computer programming or not. Some people take more than 5 years to learn computer programming. You should also remember that, technology changes pretty quickly and you should be able to adapt to it as fast as possible. Adapting yourself to new technologies is a challenge that every software developer faces. By considering the time you need to adapt to new technologies, and time you need to understand basic concepts, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you can learn programming or not.

Considering a Career in Computer

As long as technology continues to develop, the demand for trained and skilled professionals in the IT sector will continue to thrive. Businesses and industries are always searching for professional programmers in departments like administration, security, and management. The growth of the Internet has seen a rise in wireless operations, networks, and client/server developments. With technology rapidly changing, the need for computer programming jobs is expected to increase to fulfill the growing demand.

As a programmer, your responsibilities evolve continuously. When choosing a computer programming degree, look for a course that is up to date with latest developments, advancements and equipment. In order to succeed, programmers need to constantly brush up their skills and knowledge in the field. Job applicants can also enhance their chances in the competitive job market by becoming certified in various languages. Many computer programming degrees also train their students for relevant certifications.

So, what exactly do computer programmers do? In short, they develop the instructions and languages that computers need to function smoothly. These functions could range from a short program to a lengthy process that could take a few years to create and implement. Programmers are also responsible for testing systems for errors and resolving issues and problems that may crop up. This process involves the use of complex technological codes or languages. Most programmers know and specialize in a variety of languages. Programmers may also be called to write manuals and instructions for other program users of a particular system or mainframe.

Many computer programmers work on a contractual basis or independently as consultants. Companies that require professionals specializing in a particular language or application may then outsource the job to computer programming consultants. Contracts could run into a few weeks to more than a year so commitment levels on such jobs are extremely demanding and high.

Programmers can be categorized into applications programmers or systems programmers. Applications programmers are those that create and modify programs for a specific purpose or cause. Systems programmers on the other hand work on a larger scale and deal with developing computer networks and operating systems. They are responsible for the effective functioning of computer hardware as well. With the rise in software packages, a new breed of software development programmers has emerged. They work with other programmers in order to create customized or packaged software such as games and other programs used for financial management and educational purposes.

Computer programmers account for nearly one and half million jobs and the numbers continue to grow. Computer programmers are required in telecommunications, management, education, the government and finance, to name a few. If a degree in computer programming is what you think you want to do, you can be sure of one thing – there’s a bright and lucrative future for such candidates.

Computer Programming Colleges Are Here For You

With the economy as it, computer programming colleges are attracting more people every day. As computers continue to perform more complex tasks for us in this technological age, computer programmers are needed to write, test and maintain the detailed instructions, or programs, that direct these computers in their functions.

Computer programming is a technical skill that is very much in demand, and for those who are looking to make themselves more employable in today’s technology market, it is also a skill that makes one highly desirable.

Although many people are aware that technical colleges offer advanced courses designed to make you more marketable to potential employers, few people realize how much faster the learning process is when compared to traditional colleges and institutions. According to Moore’s Law (named after the well-known Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore), the capacities of technology double approximately every two years, and as quickly as technology has been developing in the last few years, those who fail to see the wonderful opportunity computer programming colleges have to offer will simply be left in the dust!

Only those who realize the real need of computer programming college, and the incredible potential this field holds for those looking to become more successful in this modern age, will be able to recognize the advantages available to those who return to school, both technical and vocational.

At a computer technical programming college, you will not only learn the various computer programming languages and web site design which are popular today, but how to skillfully put them into use. To help you become truly marketable, these colleges specialize in making sure you have all the experience, understanding and expertise necessary to beat the competition in these highly competitive fields.

As we approach a new technological era, the world has never seen such a large demand for those who are able to skillfully create, manage and design programs and applications which allow others to do the work which is needed to be done. By obtaining a degree from a computer programming college, you not only create a better world for yourself, but help design a better world for those around you.